Reasons you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers

Reasons you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers

Just by the fact that you find yourself on this page tells me that you have already thought about buying followers for your Instagram account, but are probably having second thoughts now. The fact that you are having second thoughts about buying followers on Instagram is a good thing because it makes my work easier. I am going to highlight a few reasons why buying Instagram followers is such a bad decision and hope that you choose wisely. Everybody might be buying followers around you and there may be so many vendors selling them at a throw away price, but this shouldn’t move you. Remain true to your brand and followers by building your Instagram followership with legitimate followers. It will pay in the end and you will get to watch all those who bought followers crumble around you. There are so many tips on how to increase Instagram followers without having to buy them.

Fake Instagram followers won’t give your account any engagement

The thing about having a huge followership on Instagram is that you get to interact with very many people. You get to hear what people have to say about your brand so that you can make the changes you need to make it better. You will get more comments and likes and that is the thrill that every brand owner wants to get. However, when you buy Instagram followers, you get none of that. You might be wondering why that is. Well, it happens like that because the followers you buy won’t be real. There won’t be real people behind those accounts to actually engage with your brand. There is a huge chance that the followers you buy will be made up of inactive, fake, or bot accounts or all three. You don’t expect an inactive or a fake account to interact with your brand now, do you?

You will have mismatched engagement

Let us assume for a moment that you actually buy Instagram followers who are real and not those made of fake, inactive, or bot accounts; what are the chances that those people woud be interested in what you are selling? In most cases, the Instagram followers that people buy usually have mismatched needs because they are not from your niche. If you sell acoustic guitars and decide to buy Instagram followers, you might end up with people from an automobile niche, meaning that those people won’t be interested in guitars in a million years. That is how you get people talking about cars on your guitar Instagram account.

You may end up with inappropriate comments on posts from bots

If you are very unlucky to end up with bot followers after you buy followers, things will even be worse for you because bots will post very inappropriate and vague comments and posts.  These comments are very easy to detect from the manner in which they are phrased. The genuine followers you have on your account will notice these inappropriate comments and posts and will start talking about them in a negative light and that could be the end of you. You will lose so many genuine followers because of a few bot comments and posts and if you don’t do something to correct this, all you might be left with are the bots talking to each other.

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