British Language Teaching – Using Toys as Educational Tools

Children enjoy playing. Who are able to deny it? So why wouldn’t you make use of this universal characteristic to supply and promote British learning too? Should you choose, you are able to hardly fail. What child will say, “Teacher, I’d rather not play”? Sure, it’s ultimately possible – but same with a pressure five tornado in South Usa or perhaps an “Armageddon-level earthquake in Tibet. Just don’t hold your breath while you are waiting.

Toys of all and kinds can be found worldwide. Why don’t you turn this to your benefit to motivate your youthful learners? For instance, your not-so-youthful learners may benefit too especially individuals learners who’re “youthful in mind”, for individuals individuals who may be teaching adult learners. Let us take a look at some “realia” or “toys” which are generally available and is known as into play. (pun intended)

o Stuffed creatures and dolls –

A perennial learner favorite even my most mature adult students quit an “Awww”, whenever I take out the kind of Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck, Tigger, rabbit, puppy, Teddy varieties of my toy menagerie. You are able to simulate conversations, rely on them as one example of prepositions of place and position, as turn-taking devices in order to “replace” learners inside a game or activity. They (the stuffed creatures) don’t mind being thrown around either.

o Soft rubber or inflated ball –

The way a classroom could function without a minumum of one could well be beyond me. One learner can “select” another inside a mill drill, TPR or group activity simply by tossing the ball to another person. This way the teacher will not “play favorites” throughout the activity. A ball may be used inside a relay fashion to signal the following learner inside a sequence or game. Whether it’s dropped or mis-handled, not a problem, it simply bounces a few occasions approximately before coming back towards the game. Neat, huh?

o Cars, trucks along with other Vehicles –

Learners can “drive” to places inside a neighborhood, in one area of the room to a different or in one position on the game board to a different. Small ones may serve as place markers inside a game, while bigger ones can be used props in dialogues, role plays and conversations. Remember about with them for grammar and verb practice activities either. And indeed, women in addition to boys like them as well. Adults? Well I must watch my vehicle props carefully or even the adult learners will “steal” them!